Plixto was founded when two professionals noticed a gap in the marketplace for
producers and film makers to be able to showcase their work. It is based on the
sole belief that regional film content had to be given the opportunity to reach
everyone in the world. Films of regional language carry important messages of
their culture that the world craves to see. PLIXTO is a one of a kind dedicated
platform for unique regional films. We have a wide range of content packed with
a variety of emotions. We believe this platform will give upcoming film producers
a chance to showcase their talent to the world. We aim to continue evolving to
make sure that we continue to be the be at the top of the game for regional
content showcase platforms.

The Specifics

Plixto is a dedicated digital platform to showcase unique and untouched films of
various languages and genres to the global audience. It is ideal for producers to
showcase their work. One of our main goals it to help struggling film makers get
their work out there. It’s a difficult industry to get ahead in and often producers
put all their time and finances into projects that they have such passion for and
then are left without having a way to show it. That is how Plixto came about to be
able to give those a dedicated platform to present their films to the public. We
also wanted to offer a platform to the viewers for ready accessible entertainment.
The main type of film that will be showcased will be as many Indian films as
possible to give our viewers a wide range of films with genres ranging from
action/adventure to mystery. But many films from around the globe to ensure
the wider viewing. We are focusing on common international languages such and
English, Spanish, Hindi and Mandarin. Plixto also aims to assist producers with
promotions and marketing so they can find their way in the big world of film
making. There are several different marketing packages that will be available for

The Future

Films are an often-overlooked form of entertainment. In this busy day in age
where demands are higher, and people want things faster, Video on demand films
are the perfect entertainment medium. Plixto aims to help the struggling
producers and provide to enhanced viewing for the audience. As the way
entertainment is consumed has evolved greatly over the last few decades and
will continue to evolve this viewing platform is designed to keep up with
demands and continue to evolve with the times. As viewer numbers continue to
grow so will the available content. To keep up with these demands Plixto is not
only available online but also on Apple and Android app. Plixto aims to keep up
with all the changes the future may bring in order to ensure that their film
makers and viewers will continue to get the best experience from the site

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